Saturday, March 9, 2013

nugget's baptism.


I am somewhat caught up on homework.  The house is decent.  The husband is out running errands.  But most importantly, little man is napping.  

So, I'm going to take a quick moment to share some personal photos with you.

I know.  I haven't blogged in almost a month...well, right at a month as of tomorrow.  Ah, a busy little place we keep around here.


Anyway, below are some photographs from a few weeks ago when our little man was baptized.  I know most of you have seen these already, but some of you haven't, which is why I want to share.  Plus, I love them.  Therefore, they HAVE to be published on the blog.

A little background first...

You'll notice in the photos that nugget is a big boy...bigger than the average baby who is baptized right after they're born.  Months ago we actually had him dedicated/we, his parents, were dedicated.  I'm not going to get into a religious debate on what is "right," or who believes what as far as baptizing babies.  All I know is, I felt in my heart that my little boy still needed to be baptized.  

It was on my mind.  A lot.  So, once my fall semester was complete, and we all made it through the holiday madness, I contacted the priest who married nugget's parents a few years ago at a little white church.  Late one night, I wrote an email to him explaining, well babbling, about our situation...and then, asking if he would just consider baptizing our son.

The response I received was no less than perfect, and several weeks later (took some planning and last-minute adjustments trying to make sure some most of us could make it), we had Mason baptized.

I am just so thankful for how it all fell right into place - God's perfect work.  It felt like we had traveled full circle from standing with Father Kevin on the day we said our wedding 3 years later, standing with him to baptize our little boy.  

As the husband said later that afternoon...It really was a "fun, Sunday mornin'."



Special thanks to Nicola, our photographer, for telling such a beautiful and personal story through pictures...

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