Friday, September 14, 2012

busy, fall, & baby.

Happy Friday, Everyone!

We are super busy around here.  We've started some hardcore cleaning throughout the house...I'm taking 3 graduate school courses (books and highlighters are randomly everywhere)...Our SEVEN month old - enough said.  Gearin' up for the holidays.  It's just a busy time, so sorry for the lack of posts!

Anyway, with my previous blog, I would post a lot about our little boy.  I know - some of y'all miss it, but I do still try to post pics on my personal FB account, as well as use the old school method of emailing pictures.  I created a {2012} FB album, which I thought would be easy to just throw pics throughout the year, tag people, and share.  However, every time I upload pics, it says I've uploaded to the month of "June."  I don't know what's going on.  I have to go through this crazy, ridiculous process of adding pics to my wall then moving them to the album.  I'm pretty frustrated with it, but whatever.  I try to throw some pictures on there whenever I have a few minutes.  My love-hate relationship with FB continues.


So, I'm pumped about fall.  If you follow me on Pinterest (check it out here), you are already well aware of this fact.  I am addicted to everything about cooler weather.  If there was a state that had fall all year round, I would take root.  Boots, scarves, apple cider, hay rides, pumpkins, frost, bonfires,'s just a fun time of year, and this year is EXTRA special since it's our first fall with our nugget.

However, I don't want to neglect the last full week of summer.  I'm squeezing in all of the obnoxious, bright colored outfits I own, sporting my flippy floppies, and trying to whip up cooler, lighter meals in the kitchen.  One of my all-time favorite meals to fix is Mexican Black Bean Lasagna.  It is easy, meatless, and delish, so it's a hit.  I'm planning on sharing that recipe with y'all sometime this week, and hopefully, you can try it before fall gets here!

Thanks again for all the "likes" for the fan page, photos, posts, etc.  

Hope y'all have a fun weekend!  



Here is a pic of our nugget on his 7 month birthday...He's gettin' to be a big boy!  Makes me sad...There is not a doubt in my mind I will cry at every major milestone.


Kathy Maiocco said...

Fall full of activities, too many things to do and not enough time. Sounds like our house 20 plus years ago. Enjoy all that you can and don't worry about the rest. Let the tears run and savor every moment with Mase. Love GK

Stephanie said...

fall is simply the best. :)
we are savoring as much as we can!

Melissa said...

I enjoyed this writing....yes, take it all in, passes much too quickly.

Foggy mornings

Stephanie said...

thanks, momma. :)

firewood - FUN.
foggy mornings - frost on the pumpkins!
family - the best.
football - UT!
friends - sometimes better than fam! ha!
fun - lots.