Sunday, September 2, 2012

mirror teaser.

I've been working on giving life to an old mirror that I found at a local, antique store.  It was on the second story of the store (therefore, not gettin' any looks), and it was marked down in price.  When I bought it, I thought that it wouldn't be too difficult to transform; however, it's taken a lot longer than I thought.  Other project people, can y'all relate?  Yesterday, I touched up a few more spots, and I'm waiting to paint a clear coat to complete it.  Once the sun comes back out, I'll haul it to the deck and finish it.  Until then, it's in pieces in our front room.  Anyway, here is a teaser...
Oh ya, this piece will be for sale. :)

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Melissa said...

The mirror is soo....full of Fall! Wonderful job.

Is it for sale????

Stephanie said...

Thank you! :) I love the black. Gotta finish it soon!

It is for sale, but I won't sell it to you! :)

S.koroll said...

It looks great! I think that projects always turn out to be more difficult than they originally seem to be. I know that everything john and I have done has turned out to be a little more difficult and take longer than originally planned.I love the mirror though, and love that you bought it at an antique store where it wasn't getting much love those are the kinds of places I like to go and "adopt" new pieces.

Stephanie said...

Thank you, Stephanie!! Ha! I KNEW you could relate!!! :) When I first saw this piece, I thought, "That will look so good painted, and it won't even need that much paint..." True, but I've put several coats (white and black), the piece is awkward, so not possible to paint all at once, and add in dry time. I love it though and have considered keepin' it. :)