Tuesday, September 25, 2012

fall football.

little boy football.
To kickoff our start to fall, the husband, the baby, and I went to a football game Saturday mornin'.  The Dad of the little player we went to see went to school with Michael.  They go way back.  I think this was one of their only games in Clarksville, so we had been planning to go as soon as we heard they would be in our neck of the woods.  The 3 of us scrambled to get ready and out the door...10 a.m. came early and fast with a nugget who is teething.  We made it though and got to see sweet, little Malaki play in his green and gold.  I couldn't get over how cute the tiny players are on such a big, high school field.  It was fun to watch...and imagine Mase playing, but that will be awhile. :)

Anyway, I picked some of my favs from the many photos we took that mornin' and edited them with a "warm" filter - gave them more of a fall feel. :) 

Hope you enjoyed your first, cooler weekend...



halftime handshake.

can you see mase's mullet??!

yes, the husband sported his VINTAGE
green & gold jersery.

i love this photo.
just call me luke bryan.

in the stands.

mase's first football game.

jr. pro football at its best.
tummy time & paper-scissors-rock.

daddies w. their boys.


Suzie said...

I so want a copy of that last picture! Love seeing the guys with their boys, too cute.

Kathy Maiocco said...

What a wonderful time you all had. Great pix. Love GK

Stephanie said...

I'll get you one printed!! Thanks for being my newest follower. :) Wish we could see y'all soon...

Stephanie said...

thank you. :)

Melissa said...

Very cute pics...with precious baby boys! They will be good friends like their daddys : )


Stephanie said...

thanks. :) aw, yes. they will be!

Suzie said...

What a coincidence, I was just thinking the same thing. My internal dialog goes something like this... "We need to have Family Maiocco over for dinner. But I don't want to make them drive this far with a baby. And I don't want Luie to be all 'What up baby?! You smell like food!!' Well then we should go to them. But I'm not about to be like 'Hey new parents, we're coming over!' <- rude!" A small glimpse into the conversations I have with myself. (Crazy)

Stephanie said...

Ah! Our minds are so similar..."We should have Alex and Suzie over for dinner or something, maybe watch a football game? But I don't want to ASK them to drive so far...seems kind of rude?" OR "I wonder if they will let us come over...Do I ask them if we can come over to watch a game? That seems rudER - is that a word?" :) Ok, so let's plan on watching a UT game here at our place, IF that works for y'all... :)

Suzie said...

Haha, we are just alike. Love it. I can not wait to watch a UT game with you guys. Happy to bring food, let me know what you and Michael would like, snacks or dessert (or both, even better). Don't think we have plans the weekend of October 13th, looks like UT plays Mississippi State. Will that weekend work for you? I'll double check with Alex but that should be good for us. I'm excited! Haven't seen Mason since he was born!

Stephanie said...

Sounds awesome! :) I have it marked in my calendar! Ha! Yes, you need to come see and HOLD Mase before he starts runnin' around on his own! Please, don't feel like you have to bring anything, but if you insist, just bring a simple snack or something. :) We'll just have snacky stuff out...I guess I should say "game day food." :) Yay! Can't wait to see y'all!!!

Stephanie said...

Ok, so I really thought that weekend would work, but it looks like the next weekend (20th) will be better...I'll write you a private message on FB. :)