Friday, September 28, 2012


Okay, so I've tried to get away from blogging about every. single. little. thing that nugget does.  However, when something really good comes along, I have to blog.  This was NOT was I was going to blog about today, but again, too good to keep to myself...

Today, he has not taken a nap.  The 15-minute-after-nursing-while-laying-in-my-arms nap doesn't count.  So, I fed him some bananas (I keep finding leftovers on his nose, cheeks, fingers,...), and then, put him in his crib...after awhile he was still lightly crying, so I went in there.  I had some of his clean clothes to put up, so I talked to him while I was putting tiny pants, shirts, and bibs away.  Then, I turned from his closet, and there he was...just SITTING there.  Then, he started grinning like, 


My heart skipped.  I got all happy/nervous/excited/sad at the same time.  I just stood there saying, "Oh my goodness.  Oh my goodness."  Then, I thought should I move to try to get the camera?  Will he topple over as soon as I leave the room?  I HAVE to try to get a photo.  Ugh, I have to open the door...Will he get distracted?  Ok, I'm going for it.  

"Mason, stay put."  Did I just tell my son to stay?  

Thank you, self, for keeping the camera in the guest room next to Mase's room.  

I rushed back in - SWEET, he's still SITTING.

I used auto flash, auto without flash, and manual...I snapped about 8 before he started trying to fly (flapping his arms and squealing) and toppled over.

Anyway, here's the best one:
So, that was intense.

Happy weekend.



Kathy Maiocco said...

Quite an accomplishment! Congratulations young man. Grandpa Mike loves the outfit too. Hug him for us. Love GK

Melissa said...

Ok, by far the best post I've read of yours....that is the fun part of the internet....thanks for keeping everyone up to date on the progress of little guy....LOVE that boy!!!


Stephanie said...

glad y'all got to see him do it yesterday...

Stephanie said...

glad you like...and were able to be "there." he's a changin'!

oh, the internet. :)