Saturday, April 27, 2013

pretty little things.

Last weekend, we did some yard work around the house...

The husband "trimmed" a hedge/shrub/whatever this thing is that grows like crazy 
in front of our deck...

After "trimming" a lot back, the husband said, "There's a nest on top."

Neither of us could see into it, but we figured it was probably empty...

This past week, when nugget and I were outside, I took a little twig and poked 
inside the nest.

tap. tap.

I hit eggshells. :)

So, I got my camera and blindly took a few pics ::

just holdin' the camera way up above my head and aiming in a general direction 
to hopefully get a good photograph.

I did a little jig after getting one I knew would be worth sharing.

{such pretty little things all neatly placed in the intricately built nest.}

It's rainin' here this mornin', so momma birdie is having to sit on them.

Momma's everywhere do so much for their babies. :)

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday...