Wednesday, May 1, 2013

momma bird.

You know that sweet, little momma I told you about this past weekend...

who was protecting her babies during all of that rain...

here she is:

She stayed on those eggs throughout most of that crazy rain!

The husband (mine - not hers :) ) went out and draped a branch over the nest...

just to help her out some.

We both felt kinda bad for ruining her perfect nest location 

since we had "trimmed" the shrub thing.

Anyway, she welcomed the break, because she left for a little bit.

But then, of course, she was back.

Figured I'd share a photo of momma though.  

She needed to get credit for being such a trooper.


Also, lots of posts planned for this month...

some detail changes with Creek Junk...

and as I've prepared a few future posts,

there is more of an unintentional focus on nature, 

especially with photographs...? 

I guess Earth Day inspired me.

but y'all just hang tight.

good stuff will be shared.

happy may. :)