Friday, May 31, 2013


Since today is the last day of May,
which has consisted of lots of young men and women walkin' across the stage,
I wanted to share one of my ultimate, favorite graduation photographs.

I took this several years ago when 
one of my cousins, Ashley, graduated from a local high school.

My family and I were leaving, and as we were walking away from the large crowd,
I turned and saw Pastor Terry with his sign.

If you are familiar with Clarksville, Tennessee, 
you are well aware of this man and his church, Tabernacle Missionary Church...

He holds his "Jesus signs" while he's driving.

Ladies from his church stand at different, traffic-y areas in Clarksville 
with their Jesus signs
asking people to "honk for Jesus."

I love what this photograph represents.

Our faith is so important in the busyness of life.
It's important to remember Him once we've reached such accomplishments
and continue on our journey together.

congratulations graduates...
please don't forget

happy Friday.


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