Thursday, May 2, 2013

old wooden chair+flowers project.

Several weeks ago, I posted a tiny snapshot of a little project we were working on...

We have an old, wooden chair that has been around this farmhouse for a long, long time.

The seating has fallen through, so it's not "functional."

But I still love it.

And refuse to throw it away.

I still display it in random places throughout the yard.

It's just a cute, old thing, so it stays.

Anyway, one day on my facebook newsfeed, I came across 
an old, rocking chair that had been upcycled as a way to hold flowers.

I immediately wanted to attempt this project with the old, wooden chair...

The husband helped, by cutting chicken wire 
and using zip-ties, he attached the basket type design to the chair.

We placed some burlap shreds directly on the chicken wire...
added potting soil...
planted some little flowers...
tossed in some moss...
and boom.

a super cute flower chair.

I love it.

Do you have any neat ways you display your flowers?

Please, share them...