Tuesday, December 31, 2013

buh bye 2013.


I know.  I've been away for awhile.  I've put this project on the back burner and let other priorities take precedence.  

Issues with the facebook page have also caused me to ignore it.  I started to not receive notifications, and I realized my posts weren't being "seen," which then lead to facebook asking me to pay to promote my little page.  And that's not happening.

So, as 2013 comes to an end, I'm letting y'all know that the blog and facebook page will be temporarily ending, as well.  I'm debating on returning to my tiny snapshots corner at some point in 2014.  However, I haven't thought that much ahead.  

My life is going in a whole lot of directions right now (they're good directions - don't worry), and I feel that I simply cannot dedicate the time to this hobby of mine.  And I don't want to leave y'all in the dark anymore...

If you do need me, please, find me on my personal facebook page // Stephanie Martin Maiocco.  It should be set up to follow my public posts, if you wish.

Thank you again for the support during this mini adventure.  We're going to just keep moving. :)

happy 2014.


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