Monday, August 26, 2013

the frank family :: homecoming ceremony.

A solider's return home.

First time meeting his sweet, little Savannah...


I absolutely LOVED having the opportunity to photograph this Homecoming ceremony earlier this month.  I've limited myself to only sharing a few photos from this day, 
so the Frank family can enjoy all of them later on their own.  

Below are some of my absolute favs from a simply beautiful afternoon.  

Thank you so much, 
Haley, Joseph, and Savannah, 
for letting me 
(and the husband) 
be right there with y'all that Wednesday afternoon...

the app.


that moment when I almost lost it...
Savannah waving to her Daddy.

opening the doors.

his own little, screaming eagle.

fixing her hair.

he's home.

playing with her little locks.

the Frank family...
Savannah was so over this.

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