Monday, June 24, 2013

supermoon in the country.

Did anyone else see the supermoon?

I was out late Saturday night in our front yard 
attempting to take photographs.

Widening the aperture and slowing the shutter speed way down
to where I had to take a deep breath every time before pressing the button...
trying to be as still as possible.

I really, really should have brought out the tripod.

But I kinda like the challenge. :)

Anyway, early Sunday morning, 
(5 a.m. ish - ridiculously early when you go to bed at 1 a.m.)
I staggered out in my pajamas with a gorgeous hair-do
to photograph it again at moonset.

But it was just too foggy here in the hollow.

Instead, I took a video of the birds chirping. :)

Below is my favorite from Saturday night...

Hope y'all broke in summer good this past weekend.

My little family and I certainly did...

Throwin' frisbee, grillin' out, and watchin' nugget run through the yard.

Welcome sweet summer.


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