Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DIY Thanksgiving Banner Tutorial

Want to make a quick, simple Thanksgiving banner?  I'll give ya the deets....


FABRIC Scissors - Seriously, invest in a good pair of fabric scissors.  They cut like butta.
Burlap - I have extra burlap in my craft area (pile) upstairs...I got mine at the local Rural King. :)
Paint - I used left over black paint from my mirror project a couple months ago...
Small Paint Brush
Old Magazine
String/Craft Ribbon/Twine/Whatever you want to use
scissors, burlap, paint, brush, magazine, & string.
1.  Determine the word you want to display and cut triangles!  Harvest, Blessings, Thankful, etc.  Cut triangles from the burlap material with the fabric scissors.  You may want to consider where you're going to display your banner, so you can determine how big you want your triangles...

2.  Paint some letters - Freehand!  You can do it!  A lot of the tutorials I found suggested using stencils...I chose to just go with it, and I only had to re-do one letter.  My "U" looked like the PSI CHI symbol (for those of you who aren't psyc nerds, google it).  Really though, you should try freehanding it.  You'll be prouder of the finished product. :)

TIP:  The paint will go through the burlap, people!  So, when you paint your letters, do one burlap triangle at a time using your magazine beneath.   As you finish, just rip the page, and toss aside to dry.  I tossed mine on the floor.  This allows you to have a smaller work space.   
drying triangles.
 3.  Cut some slivers!  With the tutorials I kept finding, many of them referenced using a sewing machine.  No thanks.  I know how to use one, but that's too much effort right now. Then, I found one banner that had holes punched in it to simply "sew" the string through.  I didn't want circles, so I used that trick we all learned in elementary school to fold the paper (in this case, burlap) and cut a small little snip.  I did this at the top to corners of each triangle.

4.  String 'em together!  Ta-Da!  Quick, simple banner...
I'm thinkin' about puttin' ours over the Thanksgiving food table...or in the living room...not sure yet.  I was so anxious to put it up though, I had to display it over one of our fireplaces!  So, right now it's in our bedroom - ha!

Let me know if you try this...Please, share a pic to our Creek Junk Facebook wall if you do. :)


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