Thursday, November 29, 2012

few degrees cooler.

I love cold mornings in the hollow.  
Smoke is puffin' from the chimney.  
Frost decorates the deck.  
Sun beams filter throughout the branches.
The dogs are extra frisky.
It's beautiful.
...and it's home.
Dad's always said that it's a few degrees cooler in the hollow.
That's fine with me.
We'll just add a few more logs to the wood stove.


Happy Thursday...

and yes, that's our new watermark thingie for our photographs. :)



Melissa said...

Lookin' to Coon Rod Creek...seriously.

Stephanie said...

got that right.

Kathy Maiocco said...

Great picture. Cool mornings and hot coffee or chocolate are great together. I bet little man will remember these times with a smile too.

Stephanie said...

Thanks...he loves his deck. :)