Monday, November 5, 2012

What is Creek Junk?

Recently, many people have asked me, "What is Creek Junk?"  So, I'll try my best to explain.  Almost 3 years ago, I started a blog, tiny snapshots.  It was a place where I could display my photographs in a unique way and write random stuff.  This past summer, I got to a point where I wanted to change things...I wanted to somehow reach people I didn't know.  I wanted to share more things people might find fun and useful.  My mom, husband, and I came came up with the name "Creek Junk."  

It's still a place where I can display my photographs in a unique way and write random stuff.  It's a place where you can find me if you don't have Facebook (I applaud those of you who don't).  It's a place where I can sell things...things from around my house, mostly furniture, and eventually t-shirts.  It's a place where maybe - this is a BIG maybe - I can start some sort of mini photography business on the side.  So, really it's still the same as tiny snapshots, just not as uber personal.  Clear as mud?


With all of that said, there are several ways to keep up with this thing...

*Look to the right on this page.  That's where all this stuff is located.  

1.  You can follow this blog directly by joining the site (for example, if YOU have a blogspot, follow me and I'll follow you).  

2.  You can also subscribe your email address.  You will then receive email updates whenever I post a new blog post.  There is a delay (several hours) in getting the emails...I don't know why.  I didn't create the gadget, but it does work.  

3.  Twitter!  Since twitter is linked to my Facebook, you should get all the status, pictures, and blog posts when I post them.

4.  Lastly, you can LIKE us on Facebook.  I want to be sure to say that I will not be sharing blog posts on my personal Facebook page.  It's getting too repetitive for those of you who are "friends" with me and follow the Creek Junk fan page.  It's easier for everyone to keep up with just one page, so for now, if ya don't LIKE the page, you'll just miss out.  Also, since Facebook has changed things in regards to promoting fan pages, you'll need to make sure you do this:

1. Go to the Creek Junk Facebook page
2. Click on the settings dropdown menu (the little gear icon) next to the Message box OR you can hoover over the "Liked" option
3. Select "Add to Interest Lists"

This will make sure our posts show up on your newsfeed.  Now, are you really confused?!


So, ya.  Creek Junk is basically just my personal blog.  Thanks for reading and hopefully following, liking, or subscribing. :)

me behind the camera
{photo by my momma}


Kathy Maiocco said...

OK, I am clear as mud - LOL. Have fun with this site and we will tag right along with you. Love the picture too.

Anonymous said...

Creek Junk Creek Junk Creek Junk!

Creek Junk Creek Junk Creek Junk!

Keep it going girl...everybody's gotta start somewhere.

Stephanie said...


Stephanie said...


Suzie said...

Well my blog is being goofy and won't let me reply to your comment SO, reply: Luie is a hot mess, sticking his head into everybody's bag of candy. But the kids thought it was funny so ok. Like he needs more attention. Yes the potato soup makes me happy, happy, happy. It's Paula Deen's recipe for potato corn chowder, so I have to cut the amount of butter in half to be able to sleep at night. Dietitian's conscience. Alex makes up for it by topping it with extra cheese and bacon.

Stephanie said...

It took me forever to post that comment on your blog! Wonder what's going on...Well, I can definitely picture Luie checkin' bags! Ha! I need your dietitian's conscience!!! I'm probably more like Alex... :)