Thursday, December 20, 2012

"old" holiday decor.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is seeing the handmade and store-bought decorations from when I was little(er). Mom and Dad still decorate with a bunch of this "old" stuff.  They actually have a pretty good bit of holiday decor...They (Mom) saved every. single. thing. my brother and I made during elementary school.  During the last several years, we've sorted through and thrown out some the "snowmen" - jagged edged cardboard circles with cotton balls barely hangin' on.  But Mom has still kept some things, especially if they have our lovely, cursive handwriting anywhere visible.

This kinda stuff takes me back...and I'm not even that old.  I love it...  
an angel??
created by yours truly.
I apparently wasn't aware of the
silent H in Christmas.
In recent years, I've tried to suggest that Nathan created this,
but unfortunately, my cursive signature is smack dab on the bottom.

I know I'll catch up to Mom and Dad's holiday (and non-holiday) collection of handmade creations.  Heck, I've already accumulated a whole buncha nugget's "stuff," and he can't even draw yet.


Hope you get to enjoy aspects of Christmas that take you back to your childhood...



Melissa said...

Your first signs of creativity! No, can't throw away....that is why I'm so cluttered..")

Stephanie said...

that's the best kind of clutter. :)

Kathy Maiocco said...

Love all the homemade stuff too. Yes, your own "clutter" will be priceless. Enjoy each day with nugget.

Stephanie said...

he has his own overflowing drawer... :)