Friday, December 14, 2012

tree two.

walkin' elf.
Happy Friday, y'all!  Can you believe we're so close to Christmas?!  This time last year, my house was ridiculously clean, presents were wrapped, and I was baking homemade cookies that took hours to make.  This year, my laundry is piled as tall as me.  I have maybe one person I have finished shopping for and their gift is still in the store bag.  And I'm obsessed with baking break-n-bake cookies.  This year is way, way better, because I have a little elf right by my side...crawlin', standin', and wobblin'.


So, today I'm sharing another Christmas tree...

It's nugget's tree!  Last year, I decorated it with tiny, blue ornaments and big, silver bows, since we didn't know whether nugget was going to be a Mason or a Madison.  I had to ditch the bows this year, so it looked kinda bare...then, I thought, why don't I use my "old" (1993) advent calendar ornaments...

Nugget absolutely loves them.  He pulls them out of the book and waves them around while I read him each daily story of The Nutcracker.  It's the best.  Way better than doing laundry or baking cookies that take hours to make.


Also, special thanks to all of our new fans on our Facebook page...Welcome to Creek Junk!

elf with his static hair-do.

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