Friday, October 12, 2012

fall, boxes, & an 8 month old.

Oopsie.  I just found this post as a "draft" in my blog posts listings...better to post late than never, right?  I'll add a few more recent, instargram {@stephatcreekjunk} pics, too, so it's not completely old.  Hope you have had a beautiful, simple fall week.  Doesn't that sound better than just a "good week?" :)

Oh ya, my Mom is cleaning house and clearing out.  Well, actually we both are trying to go through our junk.  Stuff that's in boxes and never seen.  Y'all know what I'm talking about - don't act like you don't have any of "those" boxes.  Anyway, I'll try to post some pics this weekend of the stuff we're possibly selling.  Kinfolk, I know y'all read this, so we'll sell to y'all first before anyone else. :) Don't freak out.  We're not getting rid of everything and moving into a hole.  We're just trying to declutter.  And seriously, it feels pretty darn good to clear out some junk.  Try it.

happy weekend.


fall can officially start.
smoke is puffin' out our chimney.

my blue eyed, creek bottom boy turned 8 months old on Wednesday!

country back road.

corn from the back farm.

Mase tryin' to eat the decor!

sittin' in a nook & playin' w. Granny's motorcycle boots.
{John Deere outfit from cousin Melody!}

last, but not least:
8 month birthday gift.
pumpkin shoes for the nug.


Melissa said...

I'm starting my January resolutions NOW...especially the decluttering part. One reason why is because I wasted a good 15 minutes this morning looking for a pair of earrings. Every morning I'm struggling and stressing to get out the door, always starting my day in a rush-stress-NOT FOCUSED on what is right!!!

Today my focus is on cousin Polly as she starts chemo at Vandy. Prayers are with ya Polly...many are thinking about you, even wearing my GREEN socks.

Goal, less stuff, more thought.
love, those booties!

Kathy Maiocco said...

Great pix. We all can use less clutter. At work we call it 5S. Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, & Sustain. The hardest is the sort. Starting is always the hardest. Prayers for Polly. Love GK

Stephanie said...

less stuff, more thought. i like that. whoops - i didn't get the pics posted...maybe sometime soon?

yes, continued thoughts and prayers w. Polly....

Stephanie said...

thanks, Kathy...those 5S's are good.